Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who came and made the reunion such a great success!

We'll see you again on June 29, 2018!


The Reunion Committee


Yvonne Krolls Lather said…
To ALL of my wonderful Class of '88 members/family:

Thank you to all of those who put so much work into making this reunion such a wonderful celebration and for this online "yearbook". I feel blessed to live in the age of computers so we are able to have this website.

I, as you know, was unable to make it to Utah as much as I really wanted to. Yesterday I was pretty sad that I wasn't there. I hope everyone had a wonderful time.

I feel privileged to belong to the PHS class of '88. I don't think there has ever been a greater class, nor do I believe there will ever be a better class to claim.

My daughter and I have gone thru all 4 high school yearbooks in the past two days and I enjoyed sharing so many memories with her.

High school was truly the best 4 yrs of my life. All because I was able to share them with all of you.

My biggest high school regret is that I worried too much about trying to fit in and being way too shy and quiet. I wish I would have tried more to get to know more people and not care about trying to be in the "popular" crowd. I'm sure I had way too many embarrassing moments and by choice have blocked those from my memory and have chosen to only remember the good times. My biggest wish is that my kids will look back at their high school years the same way I do and only have true love for the other people that shared those 4 yrs with them.
I was way too self concious about feeling like I was the poorest one in school, had the oldest mother and the only single parent that I let that jade a lot of my experiences. I now choose to only remember those that were kind to me and were my friends, or remember the warm smiles from those that I didn't get to know that well.
I would love to keep in touch with anyone who would like to. My email is, cell 419-966-6437 and home 419-599-1066. Like I said on my post, the Christmas card list can never be too long! If anyone is ever in Ohio give me a holler.

Sorry this is so long, but this is my way of joining in the festivities of the reunion.

I also wanted to thank all of those that left kind words on my blog post, called me, emailed me and especially those that tried to make it possible for me to get to Utah or keep me included even when I wasn't there.

I love everyone of you that belong to the class of '88.
Thanks for reading!!!
Melinda said…
As I told Amy at the picnic, I thought the reunion was a HUGE success. I know I didn't have the opportunity to talk to everyone that I wanted to but there just wasn't enough time. I guess that would be my only complaint. By the next reunion can someone please figure out how to make time stretch or last a little longer? Like someone good with the laws of physics or something? I will be forever grateful that our class was and is so close. It seemed like we were just catching up with great friends. My husband, who has never been to a high school reunion, said to me that when the next one rolls around, regardless of where we are in the world, we will take leave to be there. So, June 29th, 2018, here we come!

Thank you can not possibly let those of you who did all the planning know how grateful I am that you were willing to do so. If I didn't find you at the reunion, please know that I loved all of it. It exceeded all my expectations and will go down in my personal history as a major highlight. Way to go BULLDOGS!!
Anonymous said…
Ok what an incredible weekend that I hated to see come to an end! The rest of my summer seems insignificant now, and I'm even going to Cancun for a week! Thanks to all those got the ball rolling, all those who got involved, and all those who attended. It really took us all to make it possible. More than a handful of non alumni told me personally thanks for a great time and that almost meant even more. We planned, had an incredible time and people who didnt have to care at all did. That made it all worth it. Tony Abbott promised me a 25 so we wouldnt have to wait so long to see eachother again so everyone help him keep his word!
Jill Anderson Yeates
Anonymous said…
First of all I would like to thank all of those that were involved in the planning and execution of our reunion. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it. It was fun to visit and chat with some people I have not seen in a long time. And like melinda said not enough time. I know I missed some people, and for that I am sorry. Until next time, GO BULLDOGS!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Fantastic. Awesome job by those involved and thanks for taking the time to do it.

Yes Jill I said lets do a 25 and I mean it. 10 years is way toooooooo long to wait. Hell I might be Grizzly Bear Scat by then.

Relax for awhile and then lets get after it. Amy I will be your wingman and won't let you down.

My family is still talking about it.

Until next time.

Tony Abbott
Shirley said…
I have to say that the reunion far exceeded my expectations! What an amazing group of people that spent so much time and energy planning it! It was so nice to show up and feel loved and missed by so many people! Fortunately I have spent the last 5 days with several classmates and their families enjoying many stories and memories and extending the reunion (Thanks Tony!) I hope to keep in touch with many more of you! Here is my info. Drop a line anytime!
Matt Rollins said…
I echo the sentiments of everyone. What a great job everyone did, and compliments to everyone. I thought the video presentation was better than great!!! Great work. The way that pictures and events were synched up with the music was incredible and I personally thought the last song was incredible!! Is it possible to get that emailed to me? I would also like to see the an email sent out to all of us with names, email address', and phone numbers for those that want to share information. I really, really had a great time and I will be Tony Abbott's wingman to the wingman for the 25 year reunion!! It was great seeing each one of you and a little better seeing a few others of you. You know who you are. Amy, Andy, and the committee.....Thank you!

Matt Rollins
Candice said…
You guys rock. The website totally helped to break the ice and get people excited about coming, way to go Andy. It's nice to know that we turned out to be pretty awesome people. Thanks to everyone.
Ben Rand said…
I had a great time. So fun to see everyone. Surprised at how many people I recognized--I didn't even have to look at very many name tags (having our senior pictures on there was a very good idea, btw). My only question is why we aren't doing these every 5 years.
Bob said…
Who knew we'd still be friends after 20yrs. Great job. All events were really fun. I wanted to thank the guys who put the golf thing together and donated all the prizes -- I think some $300+ worth of stuff if I added up right. I came away with a sweet golf bag and great memories.

I echo Matt's request for an email list if possible.
Anonymous said…
Can the video presentation be uploaded to this site so those of us who were not there can see it too?
Anonymous said…
I am sitting here feeling pretty sad that I missed the reunion, but it was out of my control. So I to purpose a 25th year one. I know there is alot of work that goes into them, but I think if enough of us pitch in (me included) we could pull it off. Cpme on guys what do you say???? Sure glad to see how much fun everyone had. Please keep the pictures coming for those of us who couldn't make it. Thanks for keeping the website going. I think it is great...Your long lost pal,,,Sharmel
Anonymous said…
To the committee : thanks for providing an excellent opportunity to renew old friendships and create new ones. It was infinitely fun.

If anyone is ever up in Boise or even passing through, please don't hesitate to call or even stay a spell. Dinner will be on me. Best to you all!

Howard Snow
Anonymous said…
If it's possible, I would also like a copy of the e-mail with addresses and the video presentation.
I would like to second the motion of the request for a 25th. I'll be willing to help as well.
Sounds like you all had a great time. I wish I would have been able to be there to visit with all my fellow bulldogs that I've known since grade school days. I really do have a soft spot for you guys!
Take care,
Laura Hayward (Farrer)
Anonymous said…
What an awesome time! I was a bit apprehensive about going since I hadn't seen ANYONE since I moved to the east coast 2 weeks after graduation BUT, it was well worth the trip. Thank you all for the hard work. Sorry that I missed the picnic it would have been fun to see families. 25 would be great!
I was impressed overall with how good our class looked! Not too many fat (other than pregnant), bald or gray :) Seriously, it was way too short. I would have loved to have visited with more of you. I hope to see more of you at the next one whether it is 25 or 30, I'm in! And I don't plan on being pregnant for the next one! :)

Love ya'll!
Becky Boone Gray
Anonymous said…
I agree with everyone. The reunion was great. I enjoyed the good feeling that was there. There is nothing like old friends getting together. Thanks to the committee for everything.

Lois Decker Brown

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